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Andrew Dawkins, Owner, A.R.D. Consultancy

Discover the Financial Advice Journey

Andrew Dawkins guides you through the Financial Advice Journey, providing a comprehensive insight into the process.

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Market Update

A.R.D. Consultancy Director, Andrew Dawkins, delves into recent market fluctuations and provides valuable insights on what to anticipate in the coming months.

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We specialise in providing practical solutions for your financial needs

At A.R.D. Consultancy, we are not just financial advisers – we are your friendly guides on the path to financial success. Our team believes in providing personalised, independent financial advice that is tailored to your unique situation. Whether you are just starting out or managing a thriving business, we are here to guide you towards making the best financial decisions for your future.

Let’s work together to turn your goals into reality, no matter what stage of life or business you are in.

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Meet The Team

At A.R.D. Consultancy we have an enthusiastic, happy team who are always on hand to help our clients. Meet some of our key team members!

Andrew Dawkins - Director of A.R.D. Consultancy

Andrew Dawkins


Andrew previously worked for a large financial services company working in Yorkshire as well as various parts of Scotland. He was asked to move to Birmingham, however, his youngest daughter had just started school in Falkirk and having already moved seven times in 11 years he decided to take redundancy and start his own company - the rest as they say, is history.
Rachel Blackhall - Compliance Director A.R.D. Consultancy

Rachel Blackhall

Compliance Director

Rachel has been involved with A.R.D. Consultancy since she left school back in 2007. She has been alongside Andrew for the past 15 years and has enjoyed watching the business flourish in to what it is today. She has worked in a variety of roles and now finds herself heading up the Compliance Operation.
Stacey Borthwick - Compliance Support Officer

Stacey Wardlaw

Compliance Support Officer

Stacey started out her career in the travel industry, before joining financial services in 2013. She has worked for some of the UK’s leading banks and wealth management companies and has found her forte in financial planning.