Shelter Scotland

"A good deed can have an effect that transcends the act itself"

Here at A.R.D. Consultancy we pride ourselves on giving as much as we can back into the community and this year, we have decided to support Shelter Scotland in their fight against homelessness.

On behalf of all our clients, this year we have donated a sum of £2000 to Shelter Scotland to assist with the amazing work that they do within the community.

Please see below regarding the importance of donations and how a little bit can go a long way…

This Christmas morning, thousands of homeless families and children will wake up in temporary accommodation.
There are 7280 homeless children living in temporary accommodation in Scotland. With a family becoming homeless every 17 minutes, making over 24 families a day homeless.

How can donations assist?

£5 could fund someone’s first step to a home

A donation of £5 could fund a webchat for someone facing homelessness.

When people are struggling and need advice, webchats are an easy way for them to get in touch with Shelter Scotland. They are often someone’s first step to finding a permanent home. Donations like this make it all possible.

£157 could pay for a legal superhero

A donation of £157 could pay for legal advice to help someone facing eviction.

People need Shelter Scotland’s help in lots of different ways – it might be an unfair eviction or and absent landlord who doesn’t keep a property in good repair. Problems like these lead to poor quality of life and homelessness. That’s why Shelter Scotland are always on hand to make sure people are treated fairly and know their rights. Donations like this make it all possible.

Syngenta FC

A.R.D. Consultancy have committed to Syngenta Football Club through to 2021 and will be the main sponsors of MacMessi the Lion, the brand-new Syngenta Football Club team mascot.

Larbert High

A.R.D. Consultancy partner with Larbert High and the newly established School of Hospitality

Braes High

A.R.D. Consultancy are committed to helping the local community and have already made a positive impact to a number of schools, specifically within the Falkirk area

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