Our experts can advise on all aspects of investment planning meaning that you will be in very capable hands when considering how to invest your money


If you are thinking about investing and how to maximise your money fully, we can provide you with a clear, structured investment strategy. Our team of professionals are always on hand to help advise you on all you need to know about investment opportunities.

At A.R.D. Consultancy, we provide a truly independent and professional service to our customers ensuring they understand which investment opportunities are available.

Our experts can advise on all aspects of investment planning meaning that you will be in very capable hands when considering how to invest your money.

We can help advise you in an effective manner and work towards ensuring you will receive a healthy return from your investments for the future.

We have four key stages for investment management:

Investment Stage 1 – Fact Finding and Aspirations

Firstly, we must have full knowledge of your current personal and financial position. We then need to determine an understanding of your lifestyle, as well as your financial and investment goals. As part of getting to know you, we need to get a clear idea of what kind of investor you are.

Investment Stage 2 – Attitude to Risk and Asset Allocation

It is vitally important that we weigh up all options before deciding on where to invest. We will prepare an extensive risk profile to establish your attitude to risk. You may already have your own particular preferences and your own personal attitude to investment risk, all of which will be taken into account.

Investment Stage 3 – Product and Fund Research

Once we are clear on the level of risk you are comfortable with; we will be able to recommend the most suitable investment approach. We will present you with your own bespoke plan for the management of your investment portfolio. Our team of professionals continually monitor and research the market to bring the most up-to-date advice to our clients.

Investment Stage 4 – Review and Monitoring Process

Going forward, we regularly review your investment portfolio to ensure it is performing effectively. We offer regular face-to-face meetings and telephone consultations to review our clients investment portfolios, ensuring you get the most from our service.

However, it is important to note that the value of investments can fall as well as rise and any income from them is not guaranteed.

Past performance is not a guide to future performance, and therefore, careful consideration must be given to all investment opportunities before you commit. We will help you every step of the way.

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If you would like to invest for the future, speak to one of our advisers today. We will happily advise you on all the investment opportunities which are available to you and help you start your investment. Let us help and make the process easier for you.

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