Larbert High

A.R.D. Consultancy partner with Larbert High and the newly established School of Hospitality

A.R.D. Consultancy have secured a partnership arrangement with local Falkirk High School, Larbert High. The partnership will see A.R.D. Consultancy support the newly established School of Hospitality, by way of supplying all 60 partaking students with personalised aprons that they will be able to utilise during the three-year School of Hospitality Experience.

Larbert High

School of Hospitality Larbert High School with A.R.D. Consultancy

The pioneering prowess of Larbert High School has led them to create their very own School of Hospitality which is a three-year programme developed to build student practical, planning and organisational skills. Practical foods skills are vital to enhance the learning opportunities for pupils concerning contemporary food issues, nutritional knowledge and food choice. A.R.D. Consultancy were very impressed with the vision put forward by the school and showed no hesitation in coming onboard as a partner.

Andrew Dawkins, Director of A.R.D. Consultancy, had the following to say about the partnership.

“We are very proud to be associated with Larbert High and their newly established School of Hospitality. We were very impressed with the opportunities associated with the programme, specifically, exposing the students to a wide range of jobs and possible career pathways in the future. We understand the importance of skills development as a primary means of enabling young people to make a smooth transition to work when the time comes, and this seemed like a golden opportunity for us to do our little bit for the future of the local community.”

Brian Townsend, Principal Teacher of Health and Wellbeing at Larbert High, said;

“The school of Hospitality within Larbert High School has offered our youngsters an opportunity to develop their practical culinary skills while raising awareness of possible careers within the hospitality sector. We are excited to be working in collaboration with A.R.D. Consultancy and the possibilities this partnership will bring.”

Andrew Auld, Larbert High Depute Head Teacher, was complimentary of the collaboration between the school and A.R.D. Consultancy.

“Having industry partners, like A.R.D Consultancy, investing time and resources into enhancing and supporting pupil experience acts as a catalyst to inspire pupils. Fantastic partnerships like this help us to expose pupils to a wide range of industry links and potential employment opportunities beyond school. We are excited to continue to work with A.R.D and further develop the partnership.”

Elizabeth Kirk, current School of Hospitality teacher at Larbert High, had the following to say about the programme.

“It’s fantastic as a teacher to be able to have the time to provide our young people with a range of food experiences that I hope will inspire future career choices and most importantly, equip them with the food skills to ensure that they can look after themselves and their families in the future. I believe very strongly that the ability to cook and understand our food environment can contribute to a healthier society in Scotland.”

Syngenta FC

A.R.D. Consultancy have committed to Syngenta Football Club through to 2021 and will be the main sponsors of MacMessi the Lion, the brand-new Syngenta Football Club team mascot.

Larbert High

A.R.D. Consultancy partner with Larbert High and the newly established School of Hospitality

Braes High

A.R.D. Consultancy are committed to helping the local community and have already made a positive impact to a number of schools, specifically within the Falkirk area

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